Bird Brain

Bird Brain is an evil criminal genius and the tertiary antagonist of T.U.F.F Puppy.

He is a blue-bottomed booby who can't fly, so he uses gliders, cannons, and other flying contraptions he built, and has problems finding decent henchman to help him. He does have a little hummingbird ally named Zippy who is completely oblivious to the fact that he can't fly and constantly tells him that he can fly if he believes.


Unlike the other villains of the show, Bird Brain seems to be quite manipulative and intelligent, so he is capable of his job, but he still ends up being constantly foiled by both T.U.F.F. agents Kitty Katswell and Dudley Puppy and his own arrogance. One problem Bird Brain often faces is that all his henchmen are either idiots or strange, especially his scatter-brained hummingbird companion, Zippy.

Description Edit

He is colored mostly blue, with some red feathers, and wears a purple colored tuxedo jacket and a black tie with a white oxford shirt underneath. He also wears a monocle over his eye. Despite being a bird, Bird Brain is a species of bird that is unable to fly (which Zippy is oblivious to), and therefore, he has no visible wings.


Bird Brain has employed many idiotic, yet loyal, henchmen to help him over the course of the series. All of these henchmen have particular traits that annoy him to no end.

Zippy- She is obnoxiously and overly positive, believing that Bird Brain could fly if he just believed in himself. She may be based off of the Batman villain Harley Quinn.

Bat- He always shouts "WHERE?" when ever someone asks him to get something or go somewhere and seemingly cannot say anything else. He is also completely blind.

Owl- He always shouts "WHO?" all the time and is seemingly only capable of saying that.

Duck- When ever someone says his name, all of Bird Brain's minions duck like the're being ordered to.

Ewe- When ever someone says "you", Duck typically follows up with "The lady sheep?", since the two words are pronounced similarly.